National Association of Insurance Commissioners Fall 2017 National Meeting Preview

Oct 16, 2017

Insurance regulators nationwide are being challenged to see who can get the most “steps” in at the upcoming National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) Fall 2017 National Meeting, which convenes in Honolulu, Hawaii from December 2-4.  The event includes the “NAIC Walk for Well-Being Challenge.”

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Among the various committees and working groups that will meet during the event include: 

  • The Property and Casualty Insurance Committee, which will hear a federal update on property and casualty insurance issues, along with an update on the National Flood Insurance Program, and states’ reports related to recent hurricanes and flooding.
  • The Workers’ Compensation Task Force will hear a progress report on the effort by its NAIC/International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions Joint Working Group that is updating the 2008 study “An Overview of Workers’ Compensation Independent Contractor Regulatory Approaches.”  This group will address the recommendations contained in the 2016 Workers’ Compensation Large Deductible Study published last year.  The Task Force will hear a presentation from the National Council on Compensation Insurance on the state of the standard and residual workers’ compensation markets.  It will hear a report from FAIR Health on its data-collection work in the workers’ compensation arena.
  • The Market Regulation and Consumer Affairs Pre-Dispute Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Working Group will discuss whether regulatory action is needed to address the inclusion of mandatory arbitration, choice-of-venue and choice-of-law provisions in insurance contracts.
  • The Market Regulation Certification Working Group will discuss the pilot program of the Voluntary Market Regulation Certification Program.
  • The Public Adjuster Working Group will discuss the development of a consumer brochure discussing the role of public adjusters and a model bulletin addressing the unauthorized practice of public adjusting.
  • The Antifraud Task Force will discuss the development of NAIC antifraud education/training courses to potentially lead to the development of an NAIC Fraud Designation Program.  The Task Force will discuss the development of a new fraud guideline that can be used by new state insurance regulators entering into state fraud departments.
  • The Market Information Systems Task Force will discuss next steps to address its charge to make public data more meaningful and widely available, and review the results of the Complaint Reconciliation Survey.
  • The Producer Licensing Task Force will, among other agenda items, consider adoption of a formal position on whether to eliminate pet insurance as a limited line of insurance.
  • The International Insurance Relations Committee will discuss progress on initiatives of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, including the status of Insurance Core Principle revisions, the Common Framework for the Supervision of Internationally Active Insurance Groups (“ComFrame”), the global insurance capital standard under development, financial stability issues, and standards implementation issues.  The Committee also will receive a report on work in progress at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and an update on international trade agreements under negotiation by the U.S. federal government.
  • The NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee will discuss Hurricanes Harvey and Irma property and casualty issues versus recent building codes and existing building mitigation, the lack of transparency and accountability with regard to insurer abuse of trade secret claims, and maximizing states’ use of resources to better serve consumers.  The Committee also will discuss health insurance reforms and state efforts in market stabilization, such as the impact of federal health care reform changes on consumers and state insurance markets; health insurance coverage of durable medical equipment; and autism and health insurance in various states.

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