Limited Apportionment Company Status and Petition 2/15/2006

Jan 4, 2007

Attached is the Notice to apply for Limited Apportionment Company status and Petition to qualify for that status which has been received from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. The Notice sets forth the eligibility requirements for Limited Apportionment Company status.

Any company which wants to Petition for status as a Limited Apportionment Company must properly complete the Petition and have it delivered to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation on or before March 31, 2006.

The failure to properly deliver the Petition within the time frame set forth in the Notice will prejudice any right a company may have otherwise had to status of a Limited Apportionment Company.

Click here to view the document as it was received from Citizens. All insurance companies should be independently receiving this notice. We assume no responsibility with regard to the content of the Notice and Petition or the fulfillment of the requirements applicable to Limited Apportionment Company status for any particular company.