July 6, 2012: Florida Division of Administrative Hearings Rule Development Workshop

Jul 6, 2012

9:30 a.m.–Florida Division of Administrative Hearings Rule Development Workshop. Proposed amendments would amend the existing procedural Rules for adjudication of workers’ compensation claims to conform to subsequent statutory changes and to incorporate changes that should improve the adjudicatory process. To view the hearing notice, click here.

    • 60Q-6.102: Definitions
    • 60Q-6.103: Pleadings and Proposed Orders
    • 60Q-6.107: Amendment and Dismissal of Petition for Benefits
    • 60Q-6.108: Filing and Service
    • 60Q-6.110: Mediation, Generally
    • 60Q-6.115: Motion Practice
    • 60Q-6.116: Prosecution of Claims and Petitions for Benefits
    • 60Q-6.117: Emergency Conferences
    • 60Q-6.123: Settlements Under Section 440.20(11), Florida Statutes
    • 60Q-6.124: Payment of Attorney’s Fees and Costs Other Than Pursuant to Section 440.20(11), F.S.
    • 60Q-6.126: Disqualification or Recusal of Judges
    • 60Q-6.127: Procedure for Relief from Appellate Filing Fee and Costs