Governor Scott Signs Legislation Expected to Give Florida School Districts Regulatory Relief

Apr 29, 2013


On April 29, 2013, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 1096, which is expected to provide Florida school districts with relief from “excessive and unnecessary state regulations.”

 Governor Rick Scott said, “Last fall, I traveled the state and listened to parents, students and teachers to hear their ideas about how we can improve Florida’s education system.  We heard many great suggestions from teachers and administrators on how we can make changes at the state level to reduce unnecessary requirements and regulations so they can spend more time in the classroom teaching. 

“Many teachers and administrators I spoke with expressed the need for flexibility which led me to convene a group of superintendents from around the state to review and recommend red tape rules and regulations we should cut in order to increase teachers’ time in the classroom.  This legislation is a direct result of recommendations provided from the workgroup and we appreciate the input received from superintendents from across the state. 

“This legislation removes unnecessary hurdles to preparing our students for college and careers and puts more control and flexibility into local districts hands so teachers can be where they belong – in the classroom, educating our students.”

Florida Commissioner of Education Tony Bennett said, “There are many exciting changes coming to Florida’s students as we continue to raise standards and empower our schools and teachers to prepare a world-class workforce.  This law will clarify the focus on that common goal by eliminating unnecessary and archaic clutter.”

Senator Bill Montford said, “This bill relieves school districts of unnecessary and burdensome regulations. It will allow our classroom teachers, administrators and support personnel to spend more time working for Florida students.”

Orange County Superintendent Barbara Jenkins said, “I am pleased Governor Scott signed this important bill today that will reduce burdensome regulations.  Teachers and administrators can focus on the classroom.  In Orange County Public Schools we appreciate Governor Scott’s continued commitment to education and support his efforts to make sure our classroom teachers get a $2,500 pay raise.”

Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie said, “This bill allows school districts to focus their time on teaching and learning rather than compliance and red-tape.  It is a good practice to review our rules and processes periodically as our goals and priorities change.  I appreciate the Governor’s leadership on this topic as well as the opportunity for me to serve on the committee to review duplicative and redundant reporting.”

Charlotte County Superintendent Doug Whittaker said, “On behalf of the Charlotte County School District, we applaud Gov. Scott for signing this important legislation.  It will have a meaningful impact across the state and get rid of some of the burdensome regulations school districts face.” 

Highlands County Superintendent Wally Cox said, “Last year, Governor Scott asked Superintendents for a list of outdated and burdensome laws that are not necessary and hinder our ability to manage our school districts.  This legislation is the result of this effort.  SB1096 reduces and eliminates unnecessary regulation of Florida’s public schools.”

Seminole County Superintendent Walt Griffin said, “I applaud Governor Scott for signing this legislation because Eliminating red tape will increase teachers’ time in the classroom and give them more time preparing our students for a successful future.”