Former Poe insurance customers face Monday deadline to file claim or sue

May 29, 2008

South Florida Sun-Sentinel--May 28, 2008

By Julie Patel
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

If you’re a former customer of one of the Poe companies that went bust after the 2004 and 2004 hurricanes, you must settle your claim or file a lawsuit by the end of the day Monday.

More than $1 billion has been paid out for about 45,193 claims so far, said Michelle Lovern, deputy director of the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, a nonprofit formed by the Legislature to pay claims of insolvent companies by assessing insurers. Insurers, in turn, pass the cost to consumers.

About 2,600 claims are still open, including 1,200 that have public adjusters working on claims and 228 that are in litigation, Lovern said. The insolvent Poe Companies are Atlantic Preferred Insurance Co., Florida Preferred Property Insurance Co. and Southern Family Insurance Co. More information is available at or 800-988-1450.