Florida Supreme Court Selects Wellbilt Technology to Provide Blast Resistance

Aug 3, 2009

Strict Florida building codes for architects prove to be a perfect fit for
Wellbilt`s technology

When architects and engineers wanted to “harden” the walls of the Florida
Supreme Court Building in Tallahassee, they chose Wellbilt`s Sure-Board Wall
Panel. This innovative technology provides a light-weight solution, including
“blast-wall protection,” which eliminates the need for extensive additional
footings and preserves the building`s historical façade.

Wellbilt International www.wellbiltinternational.com has a reputation for
providing hurricane-resistant, impact-resistant and blast-resistant products to
protect buildings at high risk of damage and destruction. Sure-Board Wall Panel
and Sure-Board technology has enabled Wellbilt to create a niche. In Florida,
there are strict building codes which architects are required to follow. High
Velocity Hurricane Zones have produced requirements that have caused architects
to tighten up on who they choose to implement their plans. With sustained winds
of 146 mph, wind-loads that can gust up to 20% more, and increasing concerns
about terrorist threats, it is vital that buildings are able to provide
protection for the people who work and live in them. “We understand the demands
that architects place on products and the builders that implement their plans,”
said Alina Van Katwyk, President of Wellbilt International.

Within weeks of being awarded the assignment, Wellbilt completed the hardening
of the courthouse, a process that is necessary for blast resistant walls. In the
past, Wellbilt has worked with a number of architects, engineers, general
contractors and government agencies. On the Florida Supreme Court Building
project, Wellbilt collaborated with TLC Engineering, www.tlc-engineers.com out
of Orlando, Florida for architecture and engineering design, and Childers
Construction www.childers-construction.com of Tallahassee, Florida, as the
general contractor and construction manager. Wellbilt International and TLC are
also collaborating on other endeavors. With Wellbilt providing the hardening
products and TLC providing the engineering and technical support, the two are
proving to be a good fit.

Wellbilt International was founded in an effort to develop timely,
cost-effective and hurricane-resistant buildings including essential buildings
such as courthouses, schools, homes, home-expansions and commercial buildings.
Since its inception, Wellbilt International has added impact resistant and blast
resistant technology to its list of products. At the same time, Wellbilt
International has proven to be committed to providing quality techniques and
products that support their commitment to research and development.