Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board Approves Annual Report, Contemplates Affordable Care Act Legislative Action Items

Dec 7, 2013


The Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board (“FHIAB”) met via teleconference on December 5, 2013. 

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty opened the meeting and FHIAB Executive Director Michelle Newell reviewed the organization’s 2013 Annual Report, which is based on data collected in 2012.  To view the report, which was adopted, click here.

Ms. Newell also reviewed the FHIAB Managers Report.  The financial statements and budget were briefly discussed.  A motion to approve the proposed 2014 FHIAB budget was adopted.

A motion for a $74,500 carrier assessment was adopted, as was a resolution to change the FHIAB’s bank from a national facility to a regional one.

The FHIAB discussed some legislative items it may want to pursue in 2014 in light of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”).  These included:

  • An individual waiver for small group market carriers may be necessary based on PPACA
  • Changes to dependents eligible for coverage up to age 26
  • A composite rate for employees to be available at the carrier’s option
  • Medicaid expansion.

A follow-up call will be scheduled to discuss legislative efforts in advance of the 2014 Session.

The FHIAB was established by the Florida Legislature in 1992 as a Small Employer Health Reinsurance Program.  Its purpose was to promote the availability of health care coverage to small employers.  In 2005, the Legislature expanded the composition of the Board to include representatives of employers, an individual policyholder and a representative from the Agency for Health Care Administration (“AHCA”).  The FHIAB’s responsibilities were expanded to include an advisory role on health insurance issues to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, AHCA, Florida Department of Financial Services, other executive agencies and the Florida Legislature.


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