Florida could see a ban on driving and texting next year

Dec 11, 2011

The following article was posted to the Channel 13 News website on December 11, 2011:

Florida could see a ban on driving and texting next year

During their next legislative session in January, there is a chance state lawmakers could enact a ban on texting while driving.

State Senator Nancy Detert, a Republican from Venice, has sponsored a proposal to make texting while driving a secondary offense, meaning law enforcement officers could not stop drivers for that offense alone.

Officers would issue tickets only if another infraction occured first.

Under the bill, drivers can text at red lights, use GPS, talk on the phone or dial a number while driving.

However, drivers could not compose emails or instant messages.

The first violation is a $30 fine. A second violation within five years will result in a $60 fine and three points on the driver’s license.

Six points are added if the use of a device ends in a crash.

More than 30 states have introduced measures banning texting and driving.

Recent polls show more than 90 percent of drivers agree that sending messages while on the road is unacceptable.

However, two studies from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show traffic safety has not improved in states with bans on cellphone use and texting while driving.

Defeat for similar laws in the past come from Republicans who say the law is an intrusion of personal liberty.

Find this article here:  http://www.cfnews13.com/article/news/2011/december/356891/Florida-could-see-a-ban-on-driving-and-texting-next-year