Florida CFO: Monitor Invest 90L, Prepare for the Worst and Understand Your Insurance Coverage

May 25, 2018

Ahead of Invest 90L’s potential impact, Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis stresses the importance of understanding insurance coverage and financial preparedness. As Floridians finalize their preparations, Patronis reminds Floridians to include copies of insurance policies in their 2018 Hurricane Season disaster kits and to call the CFO’s Insurance Helpline for assistance with insurance-related questions or concerns. “Invest 90L is capable of creating catastrophic flooding, and it is crucial for consumers to understand their insurance coverage as they prepare,” he says. “Insurance can be a complicated issue, and it’s easily misunderstood. Our team is standing by to take their calls.” Floridians should update their home inventories by taking photos or video of their high-value belongings, take steps to secure their homes, follow their insurance companies on social media for important storm-related information and save company contact information on their phones, and understand what is covered and not covered by their homeowners insurance policies.