February 7. 2013: Florida Cabinet Meeting

Feb 7, 2013

  • 9:00 a.m.–Florida Cabinet meeting. To view the complete agenda, click here.
    • Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
      • For final adoption
        • Proposed amendments to Rule 69O-170.0155 would update and revise Form OIR-B1-1809, “Health Care Provider Certification of Eligibility,” for Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) benefits to reflect statutory revisions as the result of HB 119. The changes are technical in nature. To view the hearing notice, click here.
        • Proposed amendments to Rule 69O-176.013 would finalize Emergency Rule changes to Form OIR-B1-1149, “Notification of Personal Injury Protection Benefits,” in accordance with statutory revisions resulting from HB 119. Form OIR-B1-1149 now reflects that PIP benefits are allocated for emergency medical treatment and a flat $5,000 death benefit. The Form was also amended to incorporate technical edits regarding fraud reporting and billing disclosures. To view the hearing notice, click here.