Demotech Outlines 2018 Insurer Rating Review Requirements; Reinsurers To Be Reviewed

Feb 15, 2018

Florida insurer financial stability rating service Demotech issued its most recent update on February 9, 2018.

Prior to the 2018 Hurricane Season, Demotech advised that each carrier it reviews and rates will be asked to submit “at least” the following items for review:

  • 2017 statement of actuarial opinion as regards loss and loss adjustment expense reserves
  • 2017 independent audit
  • 2017 information related to a holding company or significant affiliates, if applicable
  • Preliminary vertical and horizontal catastrophe reinsurance program for 2018
  • Final vertical and horizontal catastrophe reinsurance program for 2018
  • The financial stability of the reinsurers providing reinsurance protection

In its update, Demotech also provided its opinions on reinsurers, which it will be rating during 2018 as well.

To read Demotech’s February 6 announcement, click here.

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