Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, March 21

Mar 21, 2014


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


9:30 a.m.–Florida Insurance Guaranty Association Board of Directors meeting; 9:30 a.m.  Tampa, Florida.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Flood bill nears Senate approval but hitch with House remains

The House and Senate are clashing over a provision allowing insurers to offer flood coverage only up to the outstanding amount of the mortgage of a home, The Florida Current’s Gray Rohrer reports.


Opinion:  Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund missing out on best reinsurance market ever

It looks like, once again, the State of Florida is going to opt instead to cross its fingers and roll the dice that 2014 won’t be the year that brings the long-awaited budget-crushing storm on shore, R.J. Lehman blogs on


Tampa Police left out certain data in red-light camera crash reports

Tampa Police may have held back certain unfavorable crash statistics in a report on intersections with controversial Red Light Cameras,’s Phil Ammann notes the WTSP-TV investigative report.


House bill would overhaul state worker health insurance

A bill that would put health savings in the hands of state workers was approved on Thursday by the House Health and Human Services Committee, The Florida Current’s Arek Sarkissian reports.


As pharmacy wars intensify, consumer group alleges Walgreen’s model breaks law

A union-backed advocacy group alleges in a complaint to the state’s Department of Health that Walgreens pharmacies in Florida are violating state law by allowing its pharmacists to sit at a table away from the actual pharmacy, allowing technicians to work without supervision, Steve Miller reports for


Vehicle fee cut worth $395 million heads to Scott’s desk

The House unanimously passed a $395 million-per year cut in vehicle and driver’s license fees Thursday, giving Florida Governor Rick Scott his top legislative priority, The Florida Current’s Gray Rohrer explains.


Florida House passes warning shot legislation

Legislation allowing people to fire a warning shot instead of retreating from the threat of death or bodily harm was overwhelmingly approved Thursday in the Republican-controlled Florida House, and the state Senate tentatively approved a similar bill, Associated Press’ Kareem Copeland reports via the Tampa Tribune.


Vacation rental regulation bill progresses but industry-local government clash remains

Legislation allowing local governments to regulate vacation rental properties progressed in both the House and Senate on Thursday, but efforts to reach a compromise between the two affected groups are coming up short, The Florida Current’s Gray Rohrer reports.


Comprehensive charity reform passes Senate committee

Sweeping charity reform passed a Senate committee in a unanimous vote that could help eliminate fraudulent and deceptive organizations from ripping off the public, Phil Ammann reports for


Change in Judicial Appointments Ready for Floor

A controversial constitutional amendment that would require departing governors to fill Supreme Court vacancies on the way out of office is headed to the full Senate after the Rules Committee approved the measure Thursday on a party-line vote, THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Brandon Larrabee reports via


Springs bill passage hailed as major victory despite funding questions

A comprehensive springs bill passed its first committee stop on Thursday after months of revisions and an adoption of a committee rewrite, The Florida Current’s Bruce Ritchie reports.


Florida Supreme Court ruling worries beach residents

High court ruled Santa Rosa Island leaseholders must pay property taxes, writes Kimberly Blair for the Pensacola News-Journal.


Aiming For Common Sense in Homeowners Market

With only three providers left in the homeowner’s insurance market in Texas, consumers are left without meaningful choice among policies and losses from the upturn in claims have been concentrated onto a few companies, writes Tony Sanchez, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Texas.  Insurance Journal carries his editorial opinion.



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