Utah Department of Insurance Proposes Revisions to the Bail Bond Act to promote transparency to customers, bail bond licensees, and judicial, prosecutorial and correctional stakeholders

Nov 9, 2011


The Utah Department of Insurance  (“Department”) has proposed numerous revisions to the Bail Bond Act after analyzing and reviewing the statutes affecting the regulation and licensure of the bail bond business in an effort to address the concerns of the 2012 Legislative Session.  The proposed changes are intended to bring transparency to customers, bail bond licensees and judicial, correctional and prosecutorial stakeholders.

In order to meet legislative deadlines, the Department requests comments be submitted by November 16, 2011 in writing to the Utah Insurance Department, State Office Building, Suite 3110, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84114-6801.

Click here to view the proposed revisions. 


Should you have any comments or questions, please contact Colodny Fass.