THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA: Sponsor–Insurance Issue Fading

Apr 28, 2010

THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA published the following on April 28, 2010:

A final attempt to revamp the property insurance laws this session was “likely going down in flames” as the measure faces continued scrutiny and is running out of time, the lead House sponsor said Tuesday.

The House took up SB 2044 on Tuesday, with its sponsor facing lengthy questioning. Following the floor session, House sponsor Rep. Will Proctor, R-St. Augustine, said he plans to file three last-minute amendments to deal with contents coverage and other issues, but the changes may not be enough to placate the Senate or withstand a veto by the governor, who has made it clear that he’s not willing to provide too much help to the insurance industry.

“I fear that this measure may be going to down in flames,” Proctor said. A veto threat has already scuttled another industry backed measure that would have allowed insurance companies to increase individual premiums by up to 20 percent without the need for state approval.