THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA: Company to add 240 jobs in central

Sep 11, 2009

Financial services company Digital Risk is expanding its Orlando area headquarters to add at least 240 jobs, the company announced Thursday. After a year of bad economic news, this announcement was so significant that Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp went to the company to join in the press conference announcing the expansion and Gov. Charlie Crist sent out a news release. The company has also committed to spending at least $1.2 million in new equipment, research and development as a result of its expansion, it said. The governor’s office worked to get the company to commit to expanding in Orlando, but didn’t say in an announcement what incentives it agreed to. Digital Risk deals in the part of the economy that was tied to the country’s economic downfall in the first place – mortgage-backed securities, though it touts itself as being on the good guy side of the ledger as a developer of software and systems to evaluate loans for investors “to help prevent another mortgage meltdown.” Company CEO Peter Kassabov said Digital Risk was expanding in Orlando because of the heavy concentration of mortgage industry professionals in the area.