The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Announces a Re-Launch of Popular Homeowners’ Rate Comparison Site

Jul 26, 2011

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation issued the following press release on July 26, 2011:


The Office Announces Re-Launch of Popular Homeowners’ Rate Comparison Site


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (Office) today announced the re-launch of an interactive program designed to assist Florida’s homeowners to shop for homeowners’ rates.  The new system, called the Consumer HomeOwners Insurance Comparison Electronic System, is a revamp of an earlier system developed in 2007.

“This is an extraordinarily helpful tool for Florida’s consumers,” remarked Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty.  “The system ranks companies’ rates in a given county, along with company contact information, to encourage Floridians to shop for a better rate; the system also illustrates the competitiveness of the homeowners’ insurance market in Florida and the benefits of shopping for insurance.”

Consumers can access the interactive tool, CHOICES, through the Office of Insurance Regulation’s website.  The program assists consumers by allowing them to select between two standard risks, and pick any of Florida’s 67 counties. By clicking on each county, consumers will see a pop-up window ranking the rates of leading insurers in these counties. 

CHOICES was originally released in 2007 as; at its peak, the website received nearly 10,000 hits a month.  The rate quotes are for illustrative purposes only, and reflect the most recent rate filings accepted by the Office. The listing of an insurance company in the CHOICES program does not constitute an endorsement by the Office.  The rates do not reflect surcharges or discounts, and the Office encourages consumers to contact their insurance agent, or the company directly to obtain an official premium quote.