State Representative Bryan Nelson to Remain as 2011-2012 Florida House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee Chair; Dorothy Hukill to Chair House Economic Affairs

Aug 12, 2011



Above:  Florida State Representative Bryan Nelson will continue as 2011-2012 House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee Chair; State Representative Dorothy Hukill will chair its parent committee, House Economic Affairs.


State Representative Bryan Nelson (R-38) will remain as Chairman of the House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee, the Office of Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon advised today, August 12, 2011, as part his overall announcement of 2011-2012 Florida House of Representatives Committee and Subcommittee members. 

State Representative Dorothy Hukill (R-28) will chair the Economic Affairs Committee, which comprises the Insurance and Banking Subcommittee.

According to Speaker Cannon, the membership caps on subcommittees and committees remain unchanged.   These caps are:

  • Fifteen members on the 25 policy, fiscal and procedural subcommittees
  • Eighteen members on the five policy committees
  • Twenty-one members on the two procedural committees
  • Twenty-four members on the two fiscal committees

Explaining that his main priority has been to strengthen the House, despite the complications imposed by term limits. Speaker Cannon said in his memorandum to legislators today that he has ”  . . . expanded the opportunities for Members to serve as vice chairs of committees and subcommittees by removing most of the duplication between the policy and fiscal subcommittee chairs and the policy and fiscal committee and subcommittee vice chairs.   It is my expectation that our subcommittee chairs will recognize and embrace this need to create new learning opportunities.”

“In selecting vice chairs,” Speaker Cannon continued, “I considered Member performance during the prior Session, as well as the overlap between subcommittee preferences and available vacancies.  The nine committees will have five new vice chairs. The 25 subcommittees will have 14 new vice chairs. Additionally, there will be four new deputy whips, for which Freshmen Members were considered.

Speaker Cannon indicated that some changes in legislators’ office assignments and floor seating will be completed prior to the start of committee weeks in September 2011.

The complete 2011-2012 House committee list is attached for review.



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