Senate Budget Committee Passes Condo Bill; Fails to Take Up Flex Rating, Citizens, Med Mal or Expert Testimony Bills

Apr 26, 2011


The Senate Budget Committee (“Committee”) met today, April 26, 2011, and was scheduled to hear several insurance-related bills.  However, the Committee had a very full agenda and ran out of time before it could take up CS/SB 1330 relating to residential property insurance (also known as the flex rating bill); CS/SB 1714 relating to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, CS/SB 1590 relating to medical malpractice, and CS/SB 822 relating to expert testimony. 

Before the meeting adjourned, the Committee passed CS/CS/SB 530 relating to condominium/cooperative/homeowners’ associations, which clarifies existing law relating to the installation of manual fire alarm systems for condominiums, cooperatives, or multifamily residential buildings that are less than four stories and revises laws related to condominium, homeowner and cooperative associations. 


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