Rulemaking on Contended Florida Building Code and Commission Changes Begins

Nov 15, 2017

The Florida Building Commission (“Commission”) will be accepting written comments until December 6, 2017 on proposed changes to Florida Building Code amendment procedure, as well as Rules relating to Commission organization and operations.

The proposed changes, which would bring the existing regulations into compliance with the enactment of HB 1021 in 2017, specifically focus on section 11, chapter 2017-149, Laws of Florida

The new law has been criticized by some in the insurance industry, as well as Florida Building Code officials, who describe it as “abandoning a process that has worked effectively since Hurricane Andrew.”

The Florida Home Builders Association disagrees, however, explaining that the changes will modernize and improve the Florida Building Code review process.  To read their analysis, click here.  

To view the Notice of Proposed Rule, along with markups of the corresponding regulations, click here.

To read a summary of HB 1021, click here.

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