Rulemaking Initiated on Regulation Relating to Criminal Proceedings Against Certain Florida Insurance Licensees

Apr 17, 2013


Proposed amendments to Rule 69B-231.150, F.A.C., entitled “Criminal Proceedings,” will be considered at a Rule Development Workshop scheduled for April 30, 2013 at 10:00 a.m., if requested.  The amendments are intended to conform Florida insurance regulations relating to actions against insurance licensees based on criminal proceedings to changes already made to Rule 69B-211.042, F.A.C.

Under the proposed revisions, subsections (1) and (2) of  Rule 69B-231.150 would clarify what is meant by the terms “felony” and “revocation.”  Also, the word “immediate” would be removed to better reflect the administrative process requirements that exist.

Subsection (3) of Rule 69B-231.150 would be deleted to remove standards that conflict with statutory changes.  A new subsection (3) would be added to conform the penalty scheme with Section 626.207, F.S. and Rule 69B-211.042, F.A.C.

Proposed changes to subsection (4) incorporate definitions from Section 626.207, F.S., while subsection (5) adds qualifications for administrative actions based on criminal proceedings outside the United States.

Florida’s regulations pertaining to penalty guidelines for insurance representatives apply to all resident and nonresident insurance agents, customer representatives, adjusters, and service representatives licensed under Chapter 626, F.S., who are subject to discipline under Sections 626.611 and 626.621, F.S.

The applicable Rule chapter, 69B-231, does not apply to insurance agencies, title insurance agencies, title insurance agents, insurance administrators, surplus lines agents, bail bond agents or managing general agents.

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Rule 69B-231.150 was most recently updated in 2006.


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