OPPAGA Reports on Education Projects and State Budget Trends

Jan 11, 2010

The Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (“OPPAGA”) has published reports on educational projects, as well as a fiscal survey of states by the National Governors Association and National Association of State Budget Officers.  OPPAGA regularly provides these informational reports to facilitate awareness of policy issues of interest to the Florida Legislature.

The edition published on January 8, 2010 contained the following reports:


“National Governors Association and National Association of State Budget Officers The Fiscal Survey of States”

In Fiscal Year 2009, states were forced to reduce General Fund expenditures by 4.8 percent and are expected to reduce Fiscal Year 2010 General Fund expenditures by at least 4.0 percent, marking the first time that state spending has declined in back-to-back years.  The severe national recession drastically reduced tax revenues from every revenue source during Fiscal Year 2009 and revenue collections are forecasted to continue their decline in Fiscal Year 2010. Revenues will likely continue on this downward trend for another one or two quarters before turning up slowly.  To view the study click here.


“Kids’ Share: An Analysis of Federal Expenditures on Children Through 2008”

This data appendix provides comprehensive, program-level detail on the methodology and data used to estimate the share of federal expenditures spent on children from over 100 federal programs, including income security, nutrition, housing, taxes, health, social services, education and training. To view the study click here.  


“The Delta Project on Post-Secondary Costs, Productivity and Accountability Calculating Cost-Return for Investments in Student Success”

This report presents findings of a one-year pilot program of 13 colleges and universities with student success programs considered effective at serving freshman students, especially lthose who qualify as low-income, first-generation or at-risk. To view the study click here.


“Policy Information Center National Education Standards: Getting Beneath the Surface”

This report offers several ways to view potentially constructive efforts to establish education standards at the national level. It also provides a brief history and summary information on education standards overall. To view the study click here.



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