OIR Public Hearing: Use of Filed Rates, Filing Procedures, Ratemaking and Forms

Jul 31, 2007

The Florida Financial Services Commission, on behalf of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, has announced a public hearing on the following:

  • Rule number69O-170.005: Use of Filed Rates
  • Rule number 69O-170.013: Filing Procedures for Property and Casualty Insurance Rates, Rules, Underwriting Guidelines, and Forms
  • Rule number 69O-170.0142: Ratemaking and Rate Filing Procedures for Commercial Residential Insurance and All Other Lines
  • Rule number 69O-170.0155: Forms

This public hearing will take place on July 31, 2007 during a regular meeting of the Financial Services CommissionatThe Capitol in Tallahassee.

A copy of the Notice is attached for your review. A representative from this office will attend the hearing and provide a report on the proceedings.