OIR Proposed Rule Hearing: Proposed Rule 69O-167.004

Mar 20, 2008

Notice of Meeting/Workshop Hearing

OIR – Insurance Regulation
The Financial Services Commission, Office of Insurance Regulation announces a hearing to which all persons are invited.
DATE AND TIME: March 20, 2008, 9:30 a.m.
PLACE: 116 Larson Building, 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, Florida
GENERAL SUBJECT MATTER TO BE CONSIDERED: IF REQUESTED IN WRITING WITHIN 21 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THE NOTICE PUBLISHED ON FEBRUARY 8, 2008, VOL. 34, No. 6, F.A.W. A HEARING WILL BE HELD AT THE DATE, TIME, AND PLACE SHOWN BELOW (IF NOT REQUESTED, THIS HEARING WILL NOT BE HELD) This is a corrected notice of Public Hearing, if requested, on proposed Rule 69O-167.004, Florida Administrative Code. The subject of the hearing is considered revisions to adopt amendments to the rule to reflect legislative changes and update forms.