October 14, 2011: Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation Proposed Rule Hearing

Oct 14, 2011

2:00 p.m.–Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation Proposed Rule Hearing. To view the hearing notice, click here.

  • 69L-5.205: Loss Data Reporting
    • Proposed amendments to Rule 69L-5.205 would clarify that former self-insurers must report loss data for the final period of authorization only once.
  • 69L-5.217: Civil Penalties and Fines
    • Proposed amendments to Rule 69L-5.217 would reduce penalties assessed against a self-insurer for late filing of required forms, reports and documents, and also recalculate penalties previously assessed against a self-insurer. If a self-insurer has already paid the penalty to the DFS, the difference between the penalty paid and the new reduced penalty will be refunded, unless the self-insurer owes any outstanding, unpaid penalties to the DFS.