News Release: Governor Crist Announces Approval of Florida’s Updated Enhanced Mitigation Plan

Aug 18, 2010

The following news release was issued by the Office of Florida Governor Charlie Crist on August 18, 2010:

TALLAHASSEE – Governor Charlie Crist today announced that the Florida Division of Emergency Management has received approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for Florida’s updated 2010 enhanced mitigation plan.  The recent approval of the plan by FEMA continues the increased percentage of total federal assistance the state receives for disaster mitigation activities at 20 percent, compared to 15 percent for states without an approved enhanced plan.  The National Review Panel unanimously voted to approve Florida’s enhanced plan continuing Florida’s membership in an elite list of only 10 states nationwide to achieve this status.

“On behalf of the people of Florida, I applaud the Division of Emergency Management on this significant accomplishment to maintain the approval of this important plan,” said Governor Crist.  “Extra funding for mitigation activities is one of the most important ways we can strengthen communities and make them more resistant to future disasters.”

As evidenced during the past decade and in the decades prior, Florida has been threatened by hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes.  The risk of these potential impacts to the state can be mitigated to a large degree by projects designed to strengthen homes, businesses and infrastructure.

“These funds will enable Floridians to harden and strengthen their communities against future disasters,” said David Halstead, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management.  “It is vital that we continue to promote these simple and relatively inexpensive ways to make our communities more resistant to future disasters and their impacts.”

Mitigation strategies simply provide a way for Floridians to minimize the destruction caused by disasters.  Home and business mitigation techniques include: installing hurricane shutters or impact-resistant glass to windows, using impact-resistant roof coverings, raising the structure of your home or business above flood level and creating a defensible space around your home or business by clearing debris.  Community mitigation projects include drainage and wastewater management, flood proofing for roads, utilities and public facilities and wind retrofitting for critical structures.

The plan provides a framework for linking mitigation planning and measures with public and private sectors and demonstrates that Florida is capable of managing its mitigation planning and programs with minimal assistance from FEMA to ensure an integrated, comprehensive approach to disaster loss reduction in Florida.

Florida’s long-term commitment to hazard mitigation through the development and adoption of the State Hazard Mitigation Plan will make Florida a safer place to live, work and vacation.  Since the Groundhog Day tornadoes in 2007, Florida has received an additional $4,758,680 in federal disaster funding due to its enhanced status.

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