New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Issues Notice to Non-Resident Adjusters: State Residency Address Changes and Mandatory Email Addresses

Dec 28, 2011


In a Notice to Non-Resident Adjusters entitled “State Residency Address Changes and Mandatory Email Addresses,” New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Roger A. Sevigny has advised that, effective January 1, 2012, any adjuster with a state-to-state residence change is no longer required to complete a new application and submit the amendment fee of $50.

The New Hampshire Insurance Department (“NHID”) requires the paper address change form and a $10 address change fee. The form can be found on the NHID website on the PRODUCER/ADJUSTER page.

State-to-State changes are not allowed through the online address change options with the National Insurance Producer Registry (“NIPR”) or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ State-Based Systems (“SBS”).

In addition, Licensed Non-Resident Adjusters changing residence to New Hampshire are required to pass the New Hampshire Laws and Regulations portion of the adjuster exam and relinquish their “resident license” in their former state.

A Clearance Letter is not required if license information can be verified on the national database.

Address changes within the same state can be processed through NIPR at or SBS.

New Hampshire began accepting the “designated home state” for adjusters who live in states without a resident adjuster license January 1, 2011. The address change form can also be used to select a designated home state or the request can be emailed to

There is no fee to designate a home state.


All Licensed Producers and Adjusters E-Mail Addresses

The New Hampshire Insurance Department is making strides to further reduce costs.  Preparations are being developed for online renewal notifications in the future. Paper renewal notices will be eliminated.

You will be required to keep the Department informed of your current business email address.  Non – receipt of a renewal notice does not negate your responsibility to renew your license.

Individuals and Business entities can update the information by using the State-Based Systems, or the direct links listed on the New Hampshire Insurance Department website.



Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Colodny Fass.