New Florida Driver License Laws Effective November 1, 2009 May Be Applicable To Insurers

Nov 11, 2009

In an informational memorandum issued this week, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (“DHSMV”) advised all fire and property and casualty insurance companies licensed to issue motor vehicle policies in Florida that new Florida driver license laws took effect on November 1, 2009.

The statutory changes outlined in the DHSMV memorandum include:

  • The DHSMV is now prohibited from issuing “Valid-in-Florida-Only” driver licenses.  Current licenses of this type will be valid until their next renewal.
  • Issuance of a second driver license or identification card to a person who already holds a card is prohibited.
  • According to Real ID Act of 2005 standards, the DHSMV is now required to capture customers’ full legal names, including the first, middle and last name.  If the name exceeds 59 characters, it will be truncated according to Florida Driver License Information System regulation.
  • Customers will be required to complete a Basic Driver Improvement Course who are convicted of one of the following offenses on, or after November 1, 2009:
    • Running a red light;
    • Passing a school bus;
    • Racing on a highway;
    • Being a spectator of racing on a highway; or
    • Reckless driving.

The memorandum is attached.

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