NAIC Solvency Modernization Initiative Two-Day Interim Task Force Meeting Begins Today

Mar 11, 2010

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (“NAIC”) Solvency Modernization Initiative Task Force (“Task Force”) meets today, March 12, 2010 and tomorrow, March 11 in Phoenix, Arizona, to continue its work in critically examining the United States’ insurance solvency regulation framework.  To view the agenda, click here.

The Task Force efforts, which began with the inception of the Solvency Modernization Initiative (“SMI”) in June 2008, include a review of international developments regarding insurance supervision, banking supervision and international accounting standards and their potential use in U.S. insurance regulation. 

The SMI will focus on five key solvency areas:  capital requirements, international accounting, insurance valuation, reinsurance and group regulatory issues.

Additional March 11-12 meeting materials are attached. 

To access the December 2009 Task Force meeting minutes, click here.


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