More Crist veto overrides coming this week

Mar 22, 2011

The following article was published in the St. Augustine Times on March 22, 2011:

More Crist veto overrides coming this week

By Morris News Service

Two measures that met former Gov. Charlie Crist’s veto pen last year are set to get a sort of reverse veto pen from lawmakers as early as this week.

Last week, a House panel recommended overriding Crist’s veto of a bill that would revive political groups -known as leadership committees- that allow legislative leaders to raise unlimited sums of campaign cash, and have greater control on how to spend it.

Crist’s reason for the veto: “These accounts allowed legislative leaders to solicit and accept campaign contributions during the legislative session from lobbyists and interest groups outside of the public view,” he wrote in his veto message.

Supporters say it adds transparency to the process because the bill also puts in place reporting requirements, which leadership committees did not have when they first existed more than two-decades ago.

The second bill would not allow counties to impose certain fees on agriculture land.

Crist’s reason for the veto: The bill “prohibits counties from enforcing existing environmental ordinances that regulate farm operations. The bill also provides a number of exceptions to the enforcement prohibition that could be confusing for the general public, owners of agriculture lands, and counties to interpret and apply.”

Supporters say the bill eliminates red tape from the agriculture industry by removing some fees and permit requirements.

Speaker of the House Dean Cannon announced Monday night that override votes in the House would probably come this week.

Context: Crist’s vetos came at a time when he was in a U.S. Senate run, and considering leaving the Republican Party. There was open disdain in many Republican circles for the former governor. In multiple reports, Cannon has denied a connection.

In the House, to overturn a veto a super-majority, which Republicans have, is needed. Shortly after November’s election, Republicans overrode seven Crist vetoes during a special session.

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