Louisiana Department of Insurance Amends Hurricane Isaac Emergency Rule to Reflect Applicability to Specific Parishes, Requirement for Written Notice of Impact

Sep 10, 2012


Issued by the Louisiana Department of Insurance to address concerns resulting from the recent landfall of Hurricane Isaac, Emergency Rule 26 was amended on September 7, 2012 to reflect the following:

Section 4701, Section B

  • The benefits, entitlements and protections of the Emergency Rule are only applicable to residents of specific enumerated parishes, not statewide as the Rule originally provided.
  • To be eligible for the benefits, entitlements and protections of the Emergency Rule, insureds will have to give written notice to their insurer that they were impacted by Hurricane Isaac, with such notice required to be provided before 12:01 am on September 25, 2012.

Emergency Rule 26 relates to the suspension of certain statutes and regulations regarding cancellations, non-renewals, reinstatements, premium payments, claim filings and related provisions relating to any and all insurance matters affecting certain insureds in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Issac. 

To access a copy of the amended Emergency Rule, click here.


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