Insurance taxes could fund private school vouchers

Mar 4, 2009

Miami Herald–March 3, 2009

The Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Insurance taxes may pay for private school vouchers for low income children.

A House committee on Tuesday approved a measure that would allow insurance companies to send money to groups that provide vouchers to nearly 25,000 children across the state. Insurers would receive a tax credit against what they owe to the state. Corporations already participate in the program.

The House PreK-12 Policy committee approved the bill, HB 453, along party lines. Democrats complained that the state should do more to help public schools. But Rep. Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, said the program saves the state money because vouchers cost less than what the state spends in public schools.

The legislation would also require the state to notify all low-income families that they are eligible for the voucher program.