Insurance Bill Activity: Regular Florida Legislative Session, Day 56–April 28, 2008

Apr 28, 2008

An updated chart listing insurance-related bill activity for Monday, April 28, Day 56 of Florida’s 2008 Regular Legislative Session is attached for your review.

Please note today’s late activity on the following outstanding insurance-related bills:

CS3/SB 1684 – Relating to Title Insurance by Senate General Government Appropriations and Governmental Operations and Banking and Insurance and Senators Carey Baker and Don Gaetz.  Creates the Florida 2008 Title Insurance Study Advisory Council (“Council”). Provides for administrative support for the council and responsibilities of the council. Authorizes the Council to invite independent actuaries to provide certain information. Requires the Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability to conduct a review and report to the Council. Requires that the report be submitted to the Council by a certain date. Provides for termination of the Council, etc.  Effective Date: Upon becoming law.

  • Update: Senate substituted an identical bill, CS/HB 937, on Monday, April 28, 2008, and read it a second and third time, whereupon CS/HB 937 was passed unanimously. Thus, the bill passed the Florida Legislature, was subsequently enrolled and is now ready for the presiding legislative officers to present it to the Governor.

CS/SB 940 – Employee Leasing Companies by the Senate Commerce Committee and Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla. Cites this act as the “Accurate Employment Statistics Enhancement Act.” Redefines the term “employee leasing company.” Requires quarterly reports that include client and establishment specific information. Authorizes the Agency for Workforce Innovation to adopt rules. Provides enforcement authority, etc. Effective Date: October 1, 2008.

  • Update: Passed the Senate on third reading unanimously on Monday, April 28, 2008.  In Messages awaiting House consideration.

CS2/SB 1598 – Relating to Health Insurance Coverage/Amino-acid-based Formula by the Senate Health Policy and Banking and Insurance Committees and Senator Durell Peaden Jr.  Requires health insurance policies and health maintenance contracts in this state to provide additional premium coverage for amino-acid-based elemental formulas for the treatment of certain medical conditions. Revises a prerequisite concerning such coverage to authorize persons holding certain licenses to prescribe or order such formulas. Limits application to children of certain age, etc.  Effective Date: October 1, 2008.

  • Update: Passed the Senate on third reading unanimously on Monday, April 28, 2008.  In Messages awaiting House consideration.


For easy reference and accessibility, the attached chart organizes and tracks bill activity using the following subject classifications:

•Commercial Property
•Residential Property
•Agents, Appraisers & Adjusters
•Motor Vehicle Insurance
•Employee Leasing Companies
•Group Self-Insurance Funds
•Medical Malpractice
•Motor Vehicle Warranty Associations
•Workers’ Compensation

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact this office.


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