Incoming Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford Releases House Committee Structure

Nov 8, 2012


Incoming House Speaker Will Weatherford has released the House committee structure.  The Florida House of Representatives will retain the current structure of committees and subcommittees.

Speaker Weatherford’s memorandum and related committee structure chart are attached in PDF format.

Speaker Weatherford has created the Regulatory Affairs Committee, which will consider matters related to business and professional regulation, energy, utilities and telecommunications regulation and the regulation of insurance companies and financial entities.

The Insurance & Banking Subcommittee will have oversight over policies affecting insurance companies and financial entities in Florida, including property and casualty insurance legislation.

The Health Innovation Subcommittee under the Health & Human Services Committee will handle matters relating to health insurance.

The incoming Speaker did not announce committee and subcommittee chairmanships and vice chairmanships or individual committee and subcommittee memberships.  It is likely that House committee assignments will be announced on or after the Organizational Session on November 20, 2012. 


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