Governor Rick Scott Says Personal Injury Protection Should Be Optional for Florida Drivers, The Miami Herald Reports

Jul 29, 2011


In its “Naked Politics” blog, The Miami Herald reported today, July 29, 2011, that Governor Rick Scott indicated during a media appearance this morning that he felt Personal Injury Protection insurance should be optional for Florida drivers.

The blog posting is reprinted below.

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Rick Scott:  Make PIP insurance coverage optional

Drivers should be able to choose whether they want personal injury protection as part of their auto insurance, Gov. Rick Scott told a Miami Spanish-language radio station Friday morning.

“We’ve got to pass a law that allows citizens the choice of what type of automobile insurance coverage they want,” Scott said on En Caliente (In the Heat), the popular morning show on WAQI-AM (710).

His response came to a question from co-host Ninoska Pérez-Castellón about what the state can do to lower auto insurance fraud, namely staged car accidents. Fraud would go down if drivers weren’t required to purchase policies with medical claims coverage, Scott said.

The state  requires drivers to carry $10,000 worth of insurance so accident injuries are covered regardless of which driver causes the accident.

“If we allow the person who’s going to buy the insurance to decide whether they want that insurance or not, then people won’t buy it because that’s too expensive and they don’t need it,” Scott said.




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