FPCA Homeowners Division: State of Florida Seeking Examples of Fraud or Abuse by Public Adjusters

Feb 23, 2010

Florida Property & Casualty Association Counsel, Colodny Fass, has been contacted by Florida officials requesting insurer information documenting public adjuster abuses.  Ideally, documentation is sought that demonstrates egregious public adjuster activities, such as proven fraud or significant evidence of fraudulent activity.  An example could be a costly reopened Wilma claim that resulted from minimal damage (i.e.: chipped tile). 

Examples of the aforementioned public adjuster activity should be forwarded to Trevor Mask (tmask@cftlaw.com) by Friday, February 27, 2010.

Please do not provide names or other private or identifying information.  After receipt, Colodny Fass will review and redact the information to Florida officials.

Please contact Katie Webb (kwebb@cftlaw.com) or Trevor Mask (tmask@cftlaw.com) should you have any questions or comments.