FPCA Homeowners Division: Comments Requested–Mediation of Residential Property Insurance Claims Rule Hearing Request Letter Draft

Apr 8, 2009

Florida Property Casualty Association (“FPCA”) Homeowners Division member companies have suggested that the FPCA request a formal hearing from the Florida Department of Financial Services on proposed Rule 69J-166.031:  Mediation of Residential Property Insurance Claims. 

Because the proposed Rule contains an ambiguity regarding the definition of “claim,” it creates a question about the timing of a property insurer’s obligation to provide insureds with a notice of their right to mediation.

Please review the attached letter addressed to the Florida Department of Financial Services on behalf of the FPCA.  The proposed Rule text is attached, or can be viewed by clicking here.

Please provide your comments to Susan Verini at sverini@cftlaw.com by April 10 at 10:00 a.m. so that a hearing may be requested in a timely manner.