Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Board Finalizes Jacksonville Office Consolidation, Expands Sinkhole Stabilization Contractor List

Feb 6, 2015


Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”) Board of Governors (“Board”) met via teleconference today, February 6, 2015, during which a commercial real estate lease contract was approved for the purpose of consolidating the State-run insurer’s information technology and other functions at one site in downtown Jacksonville.

The move, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, is expected improve Citizens’ efficiencies and communication by bringing most Citizens employees together at a single site, while reducing costs by up to $13.4 million over the course of the new 10-year lease.

The consolidation plan calls for transferring approximately 130 positions from Tallahassee and 18 from Tampa to Jacksonville’s downtown EverBank Center.  In addition, nearly 890 employees at four existing Jacksonville offices will be transitioned to the new site, where Citizens will occupy about 232,000 square feet.  Citizens will continue to maintain single locations in Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Tampa.


Existing Litigation Management Software Contract Augmented To Handle Increased Lawsuits, Additional Services

With the volume of lawsuits against Citizens having increased by approximately 77 percent during the 2011-2013 period, and its current litigation management software vendor also now handling enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity services, the Board approved a $4.6 million increase for the existing contract, which expires in 2018.

The vendor’s SaaS-based software solution is used by both Citizens’ internal staff and outside counsel to facilitate the management of all legal activity, including trend analysis reporting, management and auditing of all firm and vendor billing, storage of all litigation related documents, and enhanced communication between Citizens and its outside defense counsel.

Also approved was a contract with Xactware Solutions, Inc. for property claims loss estimating software for a total of 10 years (a five-year base term, with one discretionary three-year renewal option and one discretionary two-year renewal option). 


Sinkhole Stabilization Services Provider Network Expanded

To expand the number of experienced and credentialed sinkhole stabilization vendors providing managed repair services in Citizens’ Sinkhole Stabilization Repair Program, the Board approved 12 companies for three-year terms (with an option to renew for two years) for a total cost of $50 million.

To view the list of vendors, click here.

To view the complete meeting materials, click here.



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