Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater Suggests Direct Cabinet Approval of Proposed Citizens Property Insurance Inspector General

Dec 19, 2012


In a letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott today, December 19, 2012, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater suggested that, should an independent Inspector General be hired to oversee Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, the Florida Cabinet should approve the candidate’s selection.  He or she would then report directly to the Cabinet in its capacity as the Florida Financial Services Commission for a minimum of one year.

CFO Atwater emphasized his conviction that the Cabinet’s direct oversight of a Citizens Inspector General would best ensure that the State-run insurer’s resources are being appropriately deployed, and that its management conducts itself in a responsible manner.  

The letter is attached for review.

During early December, Governor Scott had initially suggested the installation of an inspector general to serve as a “watchdog” over Citizens.  The move would require legislation to effect.  Meanwhile, the Governor has assigned his own chief inspector general to evaluate Citizens’ finances.


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