Florida Senator Mike Bennett Files Personal Injury Protection Insurance Fraud Prevention Bill (SB 254)

Sep 14, 2011

Similar to HB 119 filed by State Representative Jim Boyd earlier this month, SB 254 relating to Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Protection Insurance was filed by Senator Mike Bennett today, September 14, 2011. 

If enacted into law, HB 254 would:

  • Revise the contents of motor vehicle crash written reports
  • Require that an application for licensure as a mobile clinic include a statement regarding insurance fraud
  • Define the term “no-fault law”
  • Add licensed acupuncturists to the list of practitioners authorized to provide, supervise, order or prescribe services
  • Provide that an insurer’s failure to send certain specifications or explanations waives other grounds for rejecting an invalid claim
  • Revise insurers’ reimbursement limitations
  • Authorizing an insurer to deny a claim if a provider does not submit a properly completed statement or bill within a certain time
  • Authorize an insurer to contract with a preferred provider
  • Authorize an insurer to provide a premium discount to an insured who selects a preferred provider
  • Provide that an insured forfeits a premium discount if the insured uses non-emergency services performed by a non-preferred provider in specified circumstances

To access the complete bill text, click here.



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