Florida Senate Accepts Citizens Property Insurance-Related House Amendments to CS/CS/SB 1672

May 1, 2014


During its Session today, May 1, 2014, the Florida Senate accepted five amendments by the Florida House of Representatives’ on CS/CS/SB 1672 that would effect various revisions to Florida’s property insurance laws relating to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”).

The bill has now been sent to Florida Governor Rick Scott for approval.

The House amendments addressed controversial provisions in CS/CS/SB 1672 as follows:

  • Removed the creation of a commercial clearinghouse within Citizens.  Also, removed a section of the bill that would have allowed surplus lines insurers that meet enhanced solvency and noticing requirements to make offers of coverage within the Citizens clearinghouse.
  • Removed the five percent surcharge shift from Citizens’ Personal Lines Account to its Coastal Account.
  • Added a technical amendment clarifying the prohibition on insurance agents accepting referral fees on rate inspections applies to property insurance.
  • Removed the one-year delay regarding the prohibition on new construction being covered by Citizens within a Coastal Barrier Resource System.  This delay was already passed in CS/CS/HB 1089 and is awaiting the Governor’s approval.
  • Added a technical amendment clarifying that the public adjuster prohibition on accepting power of attorney applies to repair work on a property insurance claim.


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