Florida ranks 4th in economic insecurity

Jun 22, 2012

The following article was published in the Ocala News Banner in June 22, 2012:

Report:  Florida Ranks 4th in Economic Security

By The Associated Press


When it comes to economic insecurity Florida’s hard to beat.

A report issued Thursday says Florida ranks fourth behind Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.

The Rockefeller Foundations and Yale University professor Jacob Hacker collaborated on the report titled “Economic Insecurity Across the American States.”

Their Economic Security Index tracks the proportion of Americans who see their available household income drop by 25 percent or more in a single year and who lack the ability to replace this lost income.

Florida’s latest index figure was 21.9 for 2010. That means more than one in five Floridians experienced large economic losses.

Hacker said such losses are more prevalent for households headed by blacks, Hispanics, single parents and people without college degrees.

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