Florida Public Adjuster Proposed Rule Hearing Scheduled for July 30

Jun 24, 2010


A proposed Rule hearing to update Florida regulations relating to public adjusters has been scheduled for July 30, 2010.  Should public requests to provide input be received, the hearing will be convened by the Florida Division of Insurance Agents and Agency Services at its Tallahassee office. 

The scope of the meeting will be to review recent legislative changes to Part VI of Chapter 626, F.S. as applicable to the following Rules:

  • 69B-220.001  Licensure of Emergency Adjusters
  • 69B-220.051  Conduct of Public Adjusters and Public Adjuster Apprentices
  • 69B-220.201  Ethical Requirements for All Adjusters

Proposed amendments to Rule 69B-220.001, F.A.C. define when an “emergency” exists and provide the procedures to obtain an online emergency adjuster license from the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Proposed amendments to Rule 69B-220.051, F.A.C. clarify the responsibilities and requirements of public adjusters and public adjuster apprentices, specify terms and conditions of public adjuster contracts, require a public adjuster license number on advertisements and prescribe practices to ensure fair dealing between public adjusters and claimants.

The proposed changes to Rule 69B-220.201, F.A.C. update the code of ethics for all adjusters, clarify their ethical responsibilities and requirements and provide other special ethical requirements for public adjusters.

To view the complete text of each proposed Rule, click here.


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