Florida Legislature Adjourns its 2009 Session After Passing Budget

May 8, 2009

From left, Florida House Sergeant at Arms Earnest Sumner and Senate Sergeant at Arms Donald Severance drop their handkerchiefs during the Sine Die ceremony on the fourth floor rotunda of the Capitol, Friday.


On Friday, May 8, both chambers of the Florida Legislature passed the Conference Report on the $66.5 billion budget.  Senate Bill 2600 passed the Florida Senate Friday with a vote of 32 Yeas, 8 Nays.  The Florida House of Representatives followed suit on Friday afternoon, passing the budget by a vote of 75 Yeas, 43 Nays.  The budget now goes to Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who will have 15 days to sign or veto the bill.

After the conclusion of the 2009 Regular Legislature Session on May 1, House and Senate Conferees met throughout last weekend to negotiate the differences in each of their budgets.  After four days of working on their line-item funding and finalizing proviso, conforming and the implementing bills, Budget Chairman J.D. Alexander and Vice Chairs Marcelo Llorente and David Rivera finalized the Conference Report of the General Appropriations Act and each Implementing and Conforming Bill on Monday, May 4.  The $66.5 billion budget, $6 million less than the previous Fiscal Year, was printed and laid on legislative members’ desks on Tuesday, May 5, thus complying with the Florida Constitution’s requirement that the Legislature wait 72 hours before voting on the budget.

After completing work on the budget, the Legislature adjourned for the 2009 Legislative Session, Sine Die, at 2:57 p.m.

Governor Crist praised the Florida Legislature for investing in Florida’s future, including economic security and education, in spite of reduced state revenues.

“I applaud the Florida Legislature for putting together a budget that addresses the priorities of the people of Florida and sustains essential  services, even during these challenging times,” Governor Crist said.  “I look forward to carefully considering their proposals during the next several weeks.”

Governor Crist also praised the Florida Legislature for approving the use of $5.3 billion made available as a result of the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  To view the complete text of the Governor’s statement, click hereTo view a video address from Governor Crist regarding closure of the 2009 Florida Regular Legislative Session, go to http://www.clickcaster.com/charliecrist.

To view the 2009-2010 Budget, SB 2600, click here.


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