Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate’s Emergency Medical Transportation Working Group Holds Third Meeting Today

Jun 13, 2017


The third meeting of the Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate’s Emergency Medical Transportation (“EMT”) Working Group is in progress this morning, June 13, 2017, until 1 p.m. (ET) in Tallahassee.

To view this today’s agenda, click here.

To access the live Webcast, go to www.TheFloridaChannel.org and look for the meeting under “Live Streams.”

Led and organized by Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate Sha’Ron James, the EMT Working Group will meet over the course of one year to review air emergency transportation services with a focus on addressing the needs of Florida’s insurance consumers by identifying solutions that address the issues and concerns of ambulance services, the insurance industry and other stakeholders.

Many air and ground emergency medical transportation services are often considered out-of-network by healthcare plans, leaving policyholders shocked to learn they owe payment–in some cases, thousands of dollars–for use of the service.

To read a consumer alert from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on air ambulances, click here.

Last week, the National Conference of Insurance Legislators held an Air Ambulance Task Force conference call, during which members reviewed a proposed Congressional Resolution entitled “Urging the United States Congress to Take Legislative Action and Exempt Matters Properly Governed by the McCarran-Ferguson Act from the Scope of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 to Authorize States to Regulate Air Ambulance Billing.  To go to the Task Force Web page, click here.

To access the Insurance Consumer Advocate’s Web page on the EMT issue that includes a list of Working Group members, click here.



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