Florida Insurance Commissioner to Report on Residential Insurers’ 2009 Surplus and Underwriting Results

Mar 18, 2010

At the request of Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty is scheduled to report on the status of the State’s property insurance market at the March 23 meeting of the Florida Cabinet. 

Commissioner McCarty will review 2009 surplus and underwriting annual data on over 200 insurers.  His report presentation includes insurers’ reported surplus, surplus gains and losses, net income, underwriting gains and losses, and the number of policies in force for each insurer.

To view the presentation, click here (begins on page 11).

Also on the Cabinet agenda for March 23, the Florida Department of Revenue will request final adoption of the following amended Rules:

Insurance Premium Tax and Corporate Income Tax-Credits For Contributions to Non-profit Scholarship Funding Organizations [Rules 12B-8.001, 12C-1.0186, 12C-1.0187, and 12C-1.051, F.A.C.]

  • The proposed Rules would administratively implement recent statutory changes relating to tax credits for the Florida Alternative Minimum Tax and contributions to non-profit scholarship funding organizations.

To view the complete Cabinet agenda, click here.  Please note that the March 23 meeting is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

A representative of Colodny Fass will attend the meeting and provide a report.


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