Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund 2012/2013 Reimbursement Contract Public Rule Hearing Not Requested; Will Be Filed for Final Adoption

Nov 22, 2011


A public hearing scheduled yesterday, November 21, 2011, on Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (“FHCF”) proposed Rule 19-8.010, entitled “Reimbursement Contract,” was not requested by any interested parties and, therefore, not held.

Rule 19-8.010 is being amended to adopt the FHCF 2012/2013 Reimbursement Contact, as required in Section 215.555, F.S.

The Rule and related forms, copies of which are accessible via hyperlink below, next will be filed for final adoption. 


Rule 19-8.010 – Reimbursement Contract

2012 Reimbursement Contract

Addendum No. 1 to Reimbursement Contract (TICL Option)

Addendum No. 2 to Reimbursement Contract (Citizens)

Appendix A to Addendum No. 2 to Reimbursement Contract (Citizens)

Optional Amendment to Change Prior Elections




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