Florida House Amends, Approves Personal Injury Protection Bill (CS/CS/HB 119)

Mar 2, 2012


While in Session today, March 2, 2012, the Florida House of Representatives took up CS/CS/HB 119 by State Representative Jim Boyd relating to Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”).

Representative Boyd offered an amendment to raise the sublimit on non emergency care to $2,500.  The amendment was adopted.

Two additional amendments relating to acupuncturists and mandating bodily injury insurance were offered and subsequently withdrawn. 

During debate, opponents  of the legislation questioned whether the bill actually addressed fraud in the system. Arguments were made that the bill limits access to care after a motor vehicle accident.  Additionally, opponents stated that the attorneys’ fee schedule would limit access to attorneys.  The bill would increase fraud by the insurance carriers by requiring more independent medical exams

Those in favor of the legislation argued that the current PIP system was having a severe negative impact on the Florida economy.  The proponents of the bill likened PIP to a tax imposed on all Floridians.

Representative Boyd stated that his bill addressed PIP fraud, and that the cost drivers that raised the costs of PIP for the average Floridian.  If the bill is passed, he said, auto rates would decrease.

CS/CS/HB 119 passed by a vote of 85 to 30.

To see how each legislator voted, click here.


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