Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board December 15 Meeting Report

Dec 18, 2009

The Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board (“FHIAB”) met on December 15, 2009.  Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, who chairs the FHIAB, was not present, so Florida Deputy Insurance Commissioner Mary Beth Senkewicz chaired the meeting instead. To view the agenda, click here.

A report was given on the ongoing implementation of Cover Florida, the State of Florida’s health plan that was started in 2008.  The plan allows individuals who have been without coverage for at least six months to pick from plans offered by six insurance companies. Each provider was chosen by the state through a competitive bidding process, and each offers at least two options — one with catastrophic and hospital coverage, and another plan that can provide less coverage.

Deputy Commissioner Senkewicz noted that, depending on what version of healthcare reform is passed by U.S. lawmakers, Cover Florida may not meet the new requirements. While the U.S. House plan passed earlier in December would likely allow existing Cover Florida policyholders to continue to receive limited coverage even if those policies do not contain minimum standards anticipated in a federally approved plan, the Senate version would not.

Along with reviewing other administrative and operational agenda items, the FHIAB discussed proposed consumer-oriented 2010 Florida legislation relating to pharmacy benefit management and balanced billing.  A generic drug alternative bill that would be sponsored by Senator Mike Fasano also is being considered. 

During the meeting, Walter Dartland, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of the Southeast, requested that the FHIAB itself undergo a sunset review to determine if it should be abolished.


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