Florida Governor Rick Scott Launches Probe to Examine Special Taxing Districts

Jan 12, 2012


The following news release was issued today, January 12, 2012 by the Office of Florida Governor Rick Scott:


Governor Rick Scott Launches Probe to Examine Special Taxing Districts


Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Scott today ordered his staff to undertake a comprehensive review of Florida’s special taxing districts to continue bringing accountability to their powers to tax, spend and incur debt at the expense of Florida taxpayers.

The Governor’s Office of Policy and Budget will conduct a review and make recommendations for cutting costs and introducing accountability as directed by Executive Order 12-10. Governor Scott previously directed a review of all water management districts and hospital districts – two examples of special taxing districts.

To view the executive order, click here.

“A major factor in our goal of lowering the cost of living for Floridians are the roughly 1,600 special districts in Florida which bring in more than $15 billion in taxpayer-funded revenues each year,” said Governor Scott. “Floridians have a right to know what they’re being taxed for and how that money is spent. This review will bring to light these questions and allow us to identify ways to save taxpayers money and increase accountability.”

The following criteria will be examined for each district (excluding water management districts and hospital districts which have already been reviewed):

  • Serving the purpose it was created for
  • Being governed efficiently
  • Levying taxes, fees and assessments appropriately
  • Being held accountable to the taxpayers whose lives they directly impact
  • Operating in a transparent manner
  • Prudently spending tax dollars
  • Properly complying with the current level of oversight


“It has come to my attention that some special districts have been delinquent in submitting information about their activities. With such a significant impact on the lives of every Floridian and our economy, it is critical that we get a firm grasp on how these special districts are operating and hold them accountable,” added Governor Scott.

The executive order calls for reports detailing findings and recommendations to be submitted to the Governor.