Florida Governor Rick Scott begins laying out legislative agenda

Oct 12, 2011

The following article was published in The Florida Current on October 12, 2011:

Scott begins laying out his legislative egenda

By Travis Pillow

Rolling back taxes and streamlining business permitting are among the priorities in the first wave of Gov. Rick Scott’s legislative agenda.

Scott presented the economic development portion of his agenda at a Central Florida materials company on Wednesday, the first step of a rollout that will unfold in the coming weeks before he unveils his budget proposal in December.

He said he wants lawmakers to raise the corporate tax exemption to $50,000 and to propose a constitutional amendment creating an exemption on the tax on tangible personal property by the same amount, which he said would eliminate the tax for about half the companies that now pay it.

He also hopes to create one-stop registration for startups and offer temporary permits to new and expanding companies. Other priorities include a revamping the state’s transportation infrastructure, with a focus on toll roads and expanding the state’s ports, and ramping up the production of degrees in science and engineering.

A bullet list of the points announced Wednesday can be found here, and other related documents can be found here.

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